Banshee 2.0 is the result of a six-month collaborative effort involving 36 developers working on our website, as well as translators, bug reporters, and testers. It is a stable release and the follow-up to Banshee 1.8.

Banshee 2.0.0

  • Release Date: April 6, 2011
  • Source Tarball: banshee-2.0.0.tar.bz2
  • Release Information: NEWS, sha256sum

Artist/Album Browser Track Actions

The track actions (play, queue, remove, delete, edit, properties) can now be applied to artists and albums in the browser. Users can right-click on an artist or album to perform actions, or click on an album and press ‘q’ to queue it.

‘Play After’ Queue Options

The ‘Play After’ option allows you to queue up a track, album, or artist to play immediately after the current selection.

User Interface Improvements

Several changes have been made to improve the UI. The active source’s title bar has been removed. The search bar is now located beside the volume button. The source list features smaller icons, hidden counts for libraries, and named group separators. The seek slider and search entry can be resized using their grips.

Podcast episodes are displayed in a grid format with detailed descriptions to assist in selecting an interesting episode.

The Ubuntu One Music Store and SoundMenu extensions.

Two extensions that were previously part of Banshee Community Extensions have been relocated to become core Banshee extensions.


Support has been included for embedded and external-file subtitles.


  • Amazon Cloud Player offers browsing and downloading features.
  • Remember sources’ column configuration
  • ‘Shuffle by’ adheres to the artist or album selected by the user.
  • The MultimediaKeys feature supports functions such as Pause, FastForward, Rewind, Repeat, and Shuffle.
  • The album grid includes tooltips for text that has been shortened.
  • MusicBrainz cover art search includes support for CDBaby and Jamendo.
  • Enable the option to remove all items from the play queue when in Populate mode.
  • A new default smart playlist called ‘Recently Played’ has been added.
  • Track editor spin buttons are hidden when the value is 0.
  • Exclude the import sources for Home and Photo folders.
  • Improved write-metadata-to-file performance
  • Numerous enhancements and corrections have been made to the F1 user guide.
  • Support has been added for handling u1ms:// links.
  • AmazonMp3.Store: support
  • Daap: Maintain a record of recently accessed remote servers.
  • Lastfm scheme handling in the.desktop files has been advertised.
  • MiroGuide manages Listen links from the front page.
  • The software will now recognize m3u playlists without header information (bgo#645351).
  • Be vigilant in ensuring that incorrect directories are not monitored by LibraryWatcher (bgo#633309).
  • You can subscribe to Internet Archive searches as podcasts.
  • Revise the podcast editing process extensively.
  • Include ‘Podcast Properties’ on the episode menu.
  • WebOSDevice: Support playlists (bgo#641486)
  • The following new devices are now supported: Huawei Ideos Android phones, LG Ally phone, LG Optimus S Android phone, Nexus S and Xperia X10 mini pro, Sharp IS01 and IS03 Android phones, Sirius Alpha Android phone.
  • Huawei Ideos Android phones
  • LG Ally phone
  • The LG Optimus S is an Android phone.
  • The Nexus S and Xperia X10 mini pro are both mobile devices.
  • The Sharp IS01 and IS03 are Android phones.
  • Sirius Alpha Android phone
  • Add a DBus method to clear the play queue.
  • The software includes support for MPRIS 2.0 through a DBus API.
  • The Windows build (alpha-quality) is now obtainable.
  • The Mac build (beta-quality) has been recently updated.

Notable Bug Fixes (277 fixed since 1.8!)

  • Remove unused Mono.Addins.Gui dependency
  • Adjust the checkbox hover state in the Fixup.
  • Utilize the search entry function by pressing ctrl+f for faster access.
  • MiroGuide provides information on properly escaping search query strings.
  • The search query escaping issue on the AmazonMp3 Store needs to be fixed.
  • Please avoid attempting to load metadata over HTTP.
  • The Apple device sync dialog appeared indefinitely.
  • Please synchronize the Sort* fields on the AppleDevice.
  • Issue #631172 has been identified for AppleDevice and it involves fixing podcast support.
  • There is an issue with music appearing in the Videos section of Banshee on Apple devices that needs to be fixed.
  • When syncing your Apple device, be sure to remove any invalid tracks.
  • Please remove “Jump…” from the context menu.
  • An action should be taken to stop when the playing track is deleted.
  • Please ensure that podcast actions are sensitized and pluralized appropriately.
  • bgo#609463: Equalizer distortion
  • A random image is being displayed for “All Albums.”
  • There are duplicate entries on import as a result of character encoding issues.
  • The option to edit radio stations should be reinstated.
  • Full-screen functionality is available for multi-head displays.
  • bgo#629534: TaskStatusIcon missing-ctor crash
  • The string “bgo#630039” is a concatenated and untranslatable sequence.
  • There is a crash issue when editing metadata for certain tracks.
  • Non-local tracks were added to the DAP system without file extensions.
  • An error occurred when attempting to cast [Gio].
  • There is an issue of the system hanging when replaying a video.
  • There is a missing-ctor issue in the SourceComboBox.
  • The MeeGo client should be used if applicable.
  • There seems to be an issue with the Bookmarks UI not loading.
  • There seems to be an issue with the fixup not reloading correctly.
  • There is an issue with Dap not transcoding certain files when necessary.
  • There is a request to recognize webm as a video file format.
  • There is an issue with empty track numbers in filename patterns.
  • bnc#642505: Insecure LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • Please initialize the iPod each time it is loaded.
  • Please update the podcast flag for video podcasts to fix the issue.
  • Preventing GroupSources from being selected is necessary.
  • Ensure that existing files are not overwritten during the ripping process.
  • Please make sure that karma-sharp’s DLLmap is included in the build.
  • Ensure that the search entry function in the MeeGo panel accurately displays the query.
  • Please address the issue of streaming not functioning correctly after the initial play.
  • Please make sure that track filter actions have been updated.
  • Address the issue of importing mkv to resolve the regression.
  • A fix for the null reference exception at start up has been implemented in MeeGo.
  • bgo#637350: Fix SimpleTable crash
  • Resolve bug related to Podcasts selection when DAP is connected.
  • There was a fix implemented to address a Null Reference Exception with the “selected by random” feature in SmartPlaylistSource.
  • Update the SmartPlaylistSource to clear the condition when it is not enabled.
  • FileChooserDialog has been updated to correct the error message displayed upon first launch.
  • Adjust FullscreenWindow setting to maintain fullscreen display when displaying volume OSD.
  • Enhancements have been made to the check for RGBA visual in X11NotificationArea.
  • There was a correction made to the vertical alignment calculation in the SourceRowRenderer.
  • Implementing the option for the source list to utilize theme icon size in preferences.
  • There may be a potential issue with handling null URIs to prevent null reference exceptions.
  • Please remove the Loved stations from the database for LastfmStreaming.
  • Addressed the issue with NRE occurring when the current track does not have a Uri.
  • Issue #486543 in Playlists: Addressed parsing error when initiated from the root directory.
  • There is an issue with country detection for the United Kingdom on the AmazonMp3.Store that needs to be fixed.
  • LibraryWatcher should not monitor directories that do not exist.
  • Addressed issue causing crashes when certain extensions are disabled.
  • There was a fix implemented for track prepending in the PlayQueueSource for bgo#636435.
  • Update the fix for resizing the fullscreen control bar in progress.
  • There is an update needed for additional padding for the fill controls in the PlayQueue feature.
  • The GStreamerSharp update addresses the proper handling of GStreamer errors.
  • There is an issue with the queries in SmartPlaylists that need to be fixed.
  • Update the rating on the current track in the DatabaseTrackInfo for issue bgo#623183.
  • The duration for the CBR lame profile has been corrected for audio profiles in bgo#637717.
  • Issue 614192 in GStreamer has been addressed regarding inappropriate repeating.
  • There is a suggestion to distinguish between music and video playlists in Mpris.
  • A potential solution for the BadMatch crash in Workaround X is needed.
  • Do not retrieve album covers for unidentified albums or artists.
  • Issue addressed in audiobook: Resolve crash when switching to playlist.
  • Please set the SearchEntry.Query to null in order to handle the issue.
  • There are playback errors on InternetRadio that need to be addressed when playing.
  • Address the issue of skipping removed or deleted tracks in bgo#635951.

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  • The software version is Mono 1.9.1 (.NET 2.0 Profile / gmcs).
  • SQlite 3.4
  • Gtk# 2.12
  • GStreamer 0.10.13
  • NDesk DBus (ndesk-dbus) 0.5
  • The current version of NDesk DBus GLib is 0.3.
  • Mono.Addins (mono-addins) 0.3.1
  • TagLib# (taglib-sharp) >=
  • The following dependencies are required to build default feature stack: libmtp >= 0.2.0, mono-zeroconf >= 0.8.0, boo >= 0.8.1, webkit-1.0 >= 1.2.2, gdata-sharp >= 1.4, glib >= 2.22, gio-sharp >= 2.22.2, gtk-sharp-beans >= 2.14.1, gudev-sharp, gkeyfile-sharp, and libgpod-sharp >= 0.7.95.
  • libmtp >= 0.2.0
  • mono-zeroconf >= 0.8.0
  • boo >= 0.8.1
  • webkit-1.0 >= 1.2.2
  • gdata-sharp >= 1.4
  • The necessary dependencies for this software include glib version 2.22 or higher, gio-sharp version 2.22.2 or higher, gtk-sharp-beans version 2.14.1 or higher, gudev-sharp, and gkeyfile-sharp.
  • libgpod-sharp >= 0.7.95
  • The default feature stack has run-time requirements including GIO/udev, Brasero version 0.8.1 or higher, Avahi, GStreamer plugins provided by gst-plugins-bad (including bpmdetect).
  • GIO/udev
  • Brasero >= 0.8.1
  • Avahi
  • gst-plugins-bad includes the bpmdetect GStreamer plugin.


Contributors For This Release

The release of this version of Banshee was made possible thanks to the direct contributions of the following individuals. Their help was crucial for the release.

The following individuals have contributed to various projects: Aaron Bockover, Alan McGovern, Alexander Kojevnikov, Alex Launi, Alex Willmy, Andreas Nilsson, Andrés G. Aragoneses, Aran Cox, Aurélien Mino, Benjamín Valero Espinosa, Bertrand Lorentz, Chow Loong Jin, Christian Krause, Dougal Stanton, Dustin C. Hatch, Frank Ziegler, Gabriel Burt, Ján Sokoly, Jensen Somers, Jonas Urth Olsen, kentaro KAZUHAMA, Koichi Akabe, Mackenan Grassi, Mark Busby, Martin Lettner, Micha? Sawicz, Olivier Dufour, Paul Cutler, Pete Johanson, Raimo Radczewski, Rodney Dawes, Samuel Gyger, Sjoerd Simons, Tim Fisken, William Friesen, Yuuto Tokunaga, Zhou Ting.

The updated translations in this release were contributed by a group of individuals, enhancing our project’s outreach.

The following individuals have contributed to various projects and initiatives.

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The following individuals have contributed to various projects: Aaron Bockover, Alan McGovern, Alex Bennee, and many others.Each person has played a role in the development of different aspects of the projects.Their combined efforts have helped shape the outcome of the projects they have worked on.Their contributions have been valuable and have made a significant impact on the success of the projects.

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