Do you want to contribute to Banshee? Read below.

Contribute — How You Can Help Make Banshee Better

Banshee is an open-source project that welcomes contributions to improve it. There are various ways in which you can assist in enhancing the project.

File Bugs

If you encounter any bugs in Banshee, please report them in our issue tracker. Be sure to check if your issue has already been reported to avoid duplicates. Find more information on filing bugs.

New features and enhancement requests should be submitted through our issue tracker. Please check if your suggestion has already been submitted, as there is a list of recent enhancement requests with duplicates.

Help Others With Their Bug Reports

Contributing to the development team by closing duplicate bug reports, clarifying reporters’ issues, and confirming reproducible bugs can help streamline the bug tracking process. To learn more about how you can assist with bug reports, please visit our website.

Translate Banshee Into Your Language

Banshee has been translated into numerous languages. If your language’s translation is missing or outdated, you can contribute to bringing Banshee to more people by translating some text. Find out more about the translation process.

Write Code

Code contributions are welcomed from individuals of all skill levels and experience levels for Banshee. Visit our website to learn more about how to write code for our project.

Write Extensions

Banshee is highly extensible, with a majority of its functionality being implemented through extensions. In addition to official extensions, there are also Banshee Community Extensions available on GitHub. More information on extending Banshee can be found.