Banshee utilizes Bugzilla as its issue tracker for bug reports.

Before submitting a bug report, please verify if it has already been reported by checking the list of recent bugs for any duplicates.

The GNOME project provides information on writing effective bug reports on their website.

Please submit your bug report when you are prepared.

When reporting a bug that involves unexpected behavior, a crash, or an error, it is recommended to include the Banshee log file. Instructions on obtaining this log file can be found for your specific operating system.

To open a terminal on Linux and Mac OS X, run this command.

Please locate the banshee.log file on your Desktop and attach it. The command kill – s QUIT does not close Banshee, but provides additional debugging information.

To open a command prompt on Windows, run the specified command.

Please attach the banshee_log.txt file that is currently located on your Desktop.

Contributing to the improvement of Banshee by submitting bug reports can be further enhanced by assisting others with their reports.