Do you want to write extensions after downloading Banshee from our home page?

Write Extensions


Banshee can be easily extended due to its modular and organized, object-oriented C# codebase, even if it is large.

Certain Banshee extensions are integrated into the Banshee codebase due to being basic features like Audio CD support, the Play Queue, and Podcast support, or because of the hard work and collaboration of their authors. Another option is to develop a new extension within Banshee Community Extensions (BCE), a more flexible and easier way of creating extensions.

BCE is hosted on GitHub, a git hosting provider that is free to use. Users have the ability to create an account, clone the BCE repository, and make commits without needing permission.

Create a Working Extension – Right Now!

Creating a new extension is simple. By following these steps, you can have your new extension up and running in just a few minutes.

  • To install Banshee, ensure you have the latest version and any necessary development packages. The latest git master may also be compatible, but you will need to manually install it.
  • Additional build tools can be installed by executing the Build From Source commands.
  • Install MonoDevelop 2.2.1 or higher (optional)
  • To install the Banshee community extensions, follow these steps in your Terminal application: git clone cd banshee-community-extensions./create-extension Foo make run

Please open a Terminal application and execute the following commands.

To clone the Banshee Community Extensions repository from GitHub and run the “Foo” extension, use the following commands.

To enable Banshee with your extension, go to Edit » Preferences » Extensions.

Opening, editing, and running your Extension in MonoDevelop is possible by opening the Extensions.sln file in the top directory of your BCE clone.


  • Developing code for Banshee includes tasks such as following the style guide.
  • GNOME’s Git guide
  • Contact the Banshee community.

Getting Commit Access to BCE

Before granting you commit/push access to the BCE repo itself (and not just your clone), we will need to review some of your work. Please send a brief email or post to the mailing list/forum, or join us on IRC to request a code review and express your interest in gaining commit access. This process should be straightforward.